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What is Programming, In light of the widespread spread of the digital word and technological development that drives everyone to own smart devices from mobile phone, Computers and modern technologies. So learning technology has become something important in all it’s details where the doors have been opened to study the technical world in which we will talk about an important part it’s the language programming, it is concept’ and how it has now become one of the required and desirable basics in organizations and companies.

Programming، What is Programming

In this article, we will talk about the meaning of the term programming and get the right information about it. Which is useful to understand in a simple and easy way.


?What is Programming Language

It is simply a set of commands and instructions, and codes related to your computer. It is written according to specific rules to direct the computer to perform the task required of the responsible person, and this official bears the name of the programmer. This language has a special and subtle way of dealing. Any error no matter how small or simple causes problems for the computer, and therefore you lose control of solving the problem at the same time, as you will need a period of time to recover what was lost. The programming process follows the special rules chosen by the programmer. This language has a set of features that make it suitable to different degrees for each type of program and the task required of this program.
Every time computers are developed, the programming language changes and evolves according to everything new until it becomes compatible with the device.


How can programming languages ​​be created and developed?
Those who create and develop that language are the programmers who specialize in it, and they make constant updates in a simple and understandable way, and those concepts begin to spread among the rest of the programmers to take advantage of them.
Like other languages ​​and concepts that have some strengths and weaknesses, the term programming also has strengths and weaknesses.
I will include some examples to give a simple explanation of it.
The purpose of the Fortran language is to perform numerical data processing, but on the other hand, this language is not useful for organizing large programs.
There’s also Pascal which is excellent for orientation and written use of structured and easy-to-read programs, but has the useless side of being inflexible.
C++ is a good and powerful language, but it is difficult to learn.
.There are also Python and Java languages.

?How to learn Programming


Everyone has a desire to learn things that are useful to him, but if he does not set his goal in learning, he will not be able to reach it.
The programming language has many concepts and codes that need constant study and follow-up of everything new in order to keep abreast of all developments in the technical field.
If the desire is to learn programming so that websites can be created, then one must know everything related to this field.
It is also preferable to follow programs related to this specialization and understand its data.
It is important to know that this breed is in high demand, although there are complications in learning it.
Therefore, we find that companies cannot dispense with the programming engineer, as he is the main organizer of everything related to the conduct of their work in a high-level technical manner.
So whoever wants to learn it must first understand the programming mechanism and know data structures and algorithms in detail so that they can work with it properly.

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